WeGame 5.3

Now you can record your experiences playing video games and share them easily

WeGame is an innovative tool for gamers and video game lovers who want to share their experiences, and prove their feats and achievements. And the way they can do this is by showing a video previously recorded. Thus, WeGame will let you perform this task in a very easy way.
The first time you start the application, a wizard will let you configure the location for the recorded videos and the screenshots captured. Of course, you need to register or enter the ID and password of your account on WeGame.com, as this will let you upload your videos and screenshots, and show them to the world.
In addition, you will be able to record a video while you are playing your favorite video game by pressing a hotkey combination previously set in the program settings.
Moreover, if you are the lucky owner of a powerful computer, then you will be able to configure the program to record video in high definition, and upload them to Internet. By the way, WeGame.com is similar to YouTube but aimed at video games.
Finally, from the program's interface you can search for more videos on the website, or watch featured videos that appear randomly.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • You can save videos of your games in High Definition


  • Sometimes the application won't be able to record videos in Flash games
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